Club Run

Any social run organised by a club member open to all - includes Tuesday night runs and weekend recces.

Club run

Could go East, could go West. Democracy on the night. Out for about an hour and a half.

Club run

Mystery tour for an hour and a half.

Club run - Felldyke

Owsen, Burnbank, Blake and back.

Link to parking NY085199

Club Run - Burnbank

It can only be less rainy than last time. so we will go up hills this time. Burnbank, Carling and Blake and back - should take about an hour just enough time to get to the club members meeting. Have to see if the bog on Blake has dried out.

Club Run - Lords' Seat

There are organised torch light runs here that charge money. Celebrate the freeness of the CFR runs as we search out at least Lords' Seat. We will find a bog.

Club Run - Grike and Crag Fell

Possibly up Grike and Crag Fell to inspect the bog between the two. Shepherds Inn afterwards for crisps and lemonades.

Club Run - Melbreak

Over Melbreak to see if the bog on the top has dried out. Then pie and chips night in the Kirkstile Inn. I need to know who is coming and if they dont want pie. Room booked for 8 p.m. There is a thingy on Facebook to let me know.

Club Run - Gavel

To see if the bogs up Gavel Fell have dried out. Will probably also scoot on up Blake Fell.

Club Run

Up the nose, drop off the back and back down Mosedale. Kirkstile fire hogging afterwards. They sell beer and crisps.

Club Run

Ladyside Pike, Hopegill Head, Grisedale Pike. back down the forest track.


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