Club Run

Any social run organised by a club member open to all - includes Tuesday night runs and weekend recces.

Club run

Gentle, slow jog round the race course in readiness for tomorrow night's 3 mile race.

Get those last minute routes and lines sorted, then ignore them on race night

Club run

Big hoof on up Graystones, over Broom and onto Lord's seat.
Back down the nice wee path

Club run

Hen Comb.

Spring is sprung
the grass is ris
I wonder where the birdies is?

Hopefully singing away in the beer garden of the Kirkstile, where we also be, talking about running, beer and crisps.

Club run

Most people will be saving themselves for tomorrow's race at Whinlatter - the Lord's Seat race - in the CFR championship.

However, for those not going there will be a run at Fangs Brow. Paul Jennings will be there, a committee will forma nd a route will be decided.

Club run

A recce of the Lords' Seat Race route.
Useful as the race is next week.

Got to find a good route down through the trees.

Club run

Crag Fell and beyond. Sun sets at 20:08.
Will run out for a short hour and come back a back quicker. See how far we get. Might visit Whoap?

Then its off to the pub for a chat, a drink and a crisp.

Club run

Dent and Flat Fell, but not in that order.

Can try to get that segment time on "The Chimneys"

Club run

Knott and Ard Crags, back down the valley.

Sun sets at 19:42......probably wise to take a torch just incase

Mission : to show Mick what a real hill is before he goes off to climb Everest.

We will then say au revoir in the Fish, with some food and beer. They will take orders for food until 9 p.m. No need to preorder.

Club run

Long run out round the back to High Nook tarn. Big pull up Blake, back over Burnbank.

Last head-torch run?

Recovered from Muncaster?

Club run

Blake and Gavel


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