Serious Stuff Thursdays

SST is a weekly session (additional to the Tuesday social club run) designed specifically for those who want to improve their running. We're open to ALL club runners who want to get faster and fitter; the sessions are designed so that no-one gets left behind and everyone improves, relative to their current fitness level.

Training is based on repeated hard efforts set at specific time or distance intervals; interval training.

Sessions are usually about an hour (not including pub "debrief"!), start at 18:30 at Sale Gate and run as follows:
1. Thorough warm up.
2. Interval session (TBD on the night)
3. Cool down.
4. Pub "debrief". Optional but encouraged. :0)

Occasionally, the venue will be changed. If so, it'll be noted here weeks in advance of the change and reminded about on Facebook.