2019 Championship Results

The Main Championship is comprised of 5 short, 5 medium and 2 long races. The scoring is as follows:

For each race, the first place runner gets 100 points, second 99, third 98, etc.

The highest scores from a maximum of 6 races are added together; a maximum of 4 races from any one distance category (Short, Medium, Long) will be counted (except for the 60+ ladies and the 70+ men age categories, in which there is no limit on the number of races from each distance category and show races are also included).

Prizes are awarded in the following age categories: Open (all members), Ladies, Senior Men (<40yo), MV40 (40-44yo), MV45, etc., and Senior Ladies (<40), FV40, FV45, etc.

The Cumberland Cup is awarded to the runner who competes in the most Main Championship races. In the event of a tie the runner with the most points (from all races) will win the Cumberland Cup. There is a separate cup for men and ladies.

The results to date and a spreadsheet containing the cumulative and split times from the Black Combe race can be found below.