I've just applied for a club place at next year's London Marathon. Normally this is allocated at the AGM, the application process appears to be later than previous this year (entries have only just opened). I suggest that we still go ahead with a provisional allocation at the AGM until I have confirmation of the club's place. So, if anyone wants to run the London Marathon next year the same rules apply as always - a ballot will be held at the AGM between anyone who meets all the following criteria (or most criteria if no-one does);

Results from today's race can be found here

Final Show Race Series league results are to be found here


Thanks to all those who supported the Shepherds' meet show today.

A big thank you to those who helped out.

Registration Mel Bradley, Lindsay Buck

Finish timing and recording Jim Davis and Tom Chatterley

Marshall up the hill Sam Holding with Kate, who has had a great introduction to fell running

Clicky thing/provider of second counting system Ann Cummings

Results can be found here http://www.c-f-r.org.uk/content/buttermere-shepherds-meet-results-1

Details for this year's presentation night are 

The final race has taken place.

The final scores have been calculated.

Well done to all category winners and the overall champions.

Results for the main championships can be found here....


The final handicap table, showing the most improved can be found here....


Well done to everyone who got around today in some damp conditions. Big big thank you to all of the marshals. The results are now up and can be found here

Results from today's race can be found here.

Thanks for supporting the race, and hope you all enjoyed the big day out



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